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Next Enrollment Date: January 2024

Business Builder Mastermind

Join this group coaching program, ideal to build a strong foundation to start and solidify your business

Have you been feeling like...

  • You tried growing your business on your own, but DIY is not cutting it anymore and not bringing you the predictable cashflow you expected from your business;

  • You are frustrated from buying online courses from "experts" that promises results but actually don't move the needle for you; 

  • You feel like you are missing the secret sauce - there must be a formula to make this work and you just don't have it; 

  • You are tired of the hamster wheel of hard work and no results.


And while the frustration sinks in, you also know that to get different results you need to do things differently. While investing $$$ in your business is scary stuff - you know it's also the leap of faith needed to bring you the quantum leap you need in your business. Well, keep reading!

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How is the Business Builder Mastermind 

different from everything else?



The online course industry has boomed since the pandemic, and with it, comes a few challenges for business owners when buying self-paced or live courses that:


❌ You either end up never watching and following up on the content, or

❌ You actually go through it, but you have a hard time implementing the content and don't get real mentorship and support.

❌ When live, you get you in a room with hundreds of people where you rarely get time and space to speak, ask questions, brainstorm, be mentored, feel heard and validated. 

❌ You buy courses from "experts" who have a "magic formulas" with "6-figure claims" - only to find out it was just another online course that brought no results (after spending thousands of dollars on it).

❌ Buying courses that focuses in one area of the business, without a holistic view that fits the three dimensional reality you live in. 

❌ Buying multiple courses from different specialists and not following through one streamlined strategy - so you have a Frankenstein marketing approach (that doesn't bring results).


The Business Builder Mastermind mixes hands-on workshop sessions and group coaching calls on a small group setting with weekly live calls. This is what you can expect: 


✅ Content is delivered live, so you are engaged and accountable throughout the entire process;

✅ All classes are delivered on a hands-on workshop format, so you have time to implement most of the activities during class and get your questions answered while you're getting it done;

✅ Small group allows for dedicated attention, time and space to share your unique perspectives;

✅ A marketing strategy approach that is not based on cookie-cutter formulas that are 'the only way to grow", but rather finding the strategies that work for your business and are aligned with your values. 

✅ Have a holistic view of your business, but also of you as a human being first - combining mindset/ self-care/ mental health and bridging it with business strategies

✅ Follow one system from start to end so you have more clarity and stop second guessing everything you do.

Real Stories from Real People

Don't take it from me. This is what people are saying about their experience (and their results speak for themselves)

Back in 2020, Rubi invested thousands of dollars on a course designed to help marketing agencies scale. Although the course was packed with good information, she felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content, which ultimately didn’t feel practical for her particular stage of business. She couldn’t apply the steps, and it felt like a waste of money. She also had a hard time relating to the masculine attitude and delivery of the program, and often found herself staying quiet instead of asking questions. Ultimately, this first business endeavor failed. Two years later, Rubi was ready to give it another try, but she knew she would need to do things differently if she wanted to succeed this time…


Learn what changed for Rubi after joining the Business Builder Mastermind, and how she surpassed her goals before the program ended, reaching her first ever $10k month. 

“The biggest outcome for me is that the doubt and anxiety about the next client is gone. I no longer feel a pit in my stomach or heaviness in my throat about how I will make this happen…

I have loved the journey and process so far and not worrying about my dream’s ability to become real has been the biggest win".

Rubi Samano ~ Founder at Studio ChitChat


Ready to stop holding yourself

back and taking the leap?

I've been there too. Here's how I got from feeling stuck in fear to taking action towards my goals (and seeing the results!):

I had a side hustle and I got to a point when I just knew that I had to give it a try/ give it a chance to see what would happen. I knew I couldn't quit my dream and live life wondering "what if…" - I knew I had to make the decision to just give it a try. 

I quit my cushy corporate  job as a Marketing Growth Manager at a tech company serving Fortune500 brands - to start coaching full time (YAY!). But there was still SO MUCH work to get me to thrive as full time self-employed. In addition to the business and financial side of things, there was also a lot of emotional baggage to deal with - navigating this emotional rollercoaster. 

The secret to overcome these challenges in the early stages of my business was in acknowledging both the strategy and emotional challenges and to give them both the same level of attention. To build a strong mindset and show up in life and business as my highest self today, so that I could rip the results today too. 

In my Business Builder Mastermind Program I share with you the foundation to do the same for your business and grow a scalable, successful practice taking care of yourself first and using marketing strategies that work for you and your business. 


Are you committed to showing up and making your business grow to new heights?

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Join the Business Builder Mastermind:

The Business Builder Mastermind is a four-month program that bridges mindset and strategy, workshop and mentorship, guidance and support – so that you can build a sustainable business with predictable cashflow, where you feel fully aligned and focused on doing what you love best.


Good for: Service providers who are starting a business or have launched under 2 years and are still struggling to build consistent income and financial stability.

Duration: 16 weeks

Frequency: Weekly 2h sessions

Format: Live & Online (Recordings available)

Intake: February and August

Investment: Starting at $500/ month 

What's included:

  • 16x live weekly sessions

  • Mix of workshop sessions and hotseat group coaching calls

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • Workbooks and templates to support you

  • WhatsApp group support


  • Access to my Instagram for Business Bootcamp (valued at $249)

  • Access to my new course - launching in October: "The ABC of Website Strategy and SEO for CEOs" (Valued at $397)

  • Community of female entrepreneurs 

  • Networking events (in Vancouver)

  • Monthly guest expert classes

The curriculum as easy as 1, 2, 3


Start the program by building the mindset that will allow you to grow to the business you dream about. Learn how to put yourself and your health first so you build resilience to navigate the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship roller coaster.

  • How your brain works

  • Principles of the subconscious mind

  • Breaking patterns

  • Becoming your highest self

  • Building your SOS Toolbox

  • Principles of Nervous System Regulation




If only the ABC was that easy! Let's work on your business foundation together, debunk limiting beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from fully expressing your potential. If you don't believe you are worth a certain level of client or a certain rate, then you will just never get there. Let's re-evaluate your foundations and set you for next level success.

  • Goal setting

  • Roadmap & Planning

  • Attracting your dream clients

  • Establishing your unique brand positioning

  • Offer Suite: Building your product ladder

  • Pricing strategies



Once the foundation is set, you are ready to grow to exponential heights! Let's build a marketing strategy that works for you (no cookie cutter formulas) and that are aligned with your values - so you can keep consistency and feel like things are flowing, and not forcing it.

  • Marketing funnel and customer journey

  • Online sales strategies

  • The full cycle of lead magnets, nurture, and conversion

  • Business processes and workflows for scalability

  • Cashflow and finances 101

Doors are now open! Only 2 spots left!


Meet your Coach: Julia Falci

Julia is a Holistic Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, speaker, and wellness practitioner who helps purpose-driven women build the business and life of their dreams without sacrificing their well-being. Her approach is a mix of coaching and mentorship, addressing concerns in all areas of your business, with a focus on marketing strategy and growing your business authentically while honouring your mental health and well-being.

During her 12+ year career as a digital marketer, she worked with award-winning B2B, B2C, agency, and technology companies, including a recipient of the PROFIT500 Award of fastest growing company in Canada. In January 2020, Julia started her coaching practice supporting women to launch and grow a profitable business. 


The holistic side of her practice speaks to unique modalities that she brings that ensure the emotional side of the equation is equally taken care of alongside the strategic side of running a business.


Julia is a Certified Mindset Coach and use brain-based techniques to support mindset work on a deeper, subconscious level. She's also a practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ Tapping), Neuro Energetic Encoding, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Thetahealing. 

Learn more about Julia and her approach here. 

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Real Stories from Real People

Don't take it from me. This is what people are saying about their experience (and their results speak for themselves)

Although Michelle loved the new-found flexibility that came with being a self-employed, finding consistency in the work and client flow was a struggle. The highs were high (“I’m doing this! I’m living the dream!”) and the lows were very low (“I’m a fraud. Why would anyone want to hire me?”). Low self-esteem and overwhelm made running (and growing) the business tricky. 

Scarcity mindset, imposter syndrome, comparison with others, and fear of not making ends meet were all part of regular thought patterns that kept Michelle feeling stuck.


Learn what changed for Michelle after joining the Business Builder Mastermind, and how she went from zero clients to fully booked while still in the program (and getting fully booked 2-3 months in advance!)

“Mindset has always been my biggest block, and your approach to marketing and strategy with a mindful approach was a game-changer. I feel empowered, validated and excited about the future”.  

I finally saw my business as this long-term, future thing—not just something I'm doing until I decide to go back to the reality of a 9 to 5. My business is actually something that is sustainable, scalable, and can do well.".

Michelle Carrington - Beauty Copywriter

  • How much does it cost?
    There are different pricing plans available, with packages starting at $499/ month. Most of our clients see an ROI within 6 months of signing up, with many making the full investment back while still in the program. Also, all fees are tax deductible - so you can use the program as a business expense.
  • Is there a payment plan option?
    Yes! You can pay in full (get 10% off), or finance in 4 or 6 instalments. If you need a different arrangement - please don't let this prevent you from joining! Contact us to find a solution that can work for you.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    If by the end of the first class you decide the program is not for you, you may request a cancellation within 7 days for a partial refund (will refund full fees minus $300 for the first session plus admin fees)
  • How long is the program?
    The full program lasts about four months, for a total of 16 weekly sessions.
  • What day/ time are the meetings?
    Meetings are usually on Mondays OR Tuesdays, from 6pm - 8pm Pacific Time. Recordings are available for all the classes.
  • What is included in the program?
    16x 2-hour weekly sessions Mix of hands-on workshops and hot seat coaching calls Worksheets and templates WhatsApp group support Access to my Instagram for Business Bootcamp (valued at $249) Bonus monthly sessions with guest experts Invitation to Networking Events in Vancouver Membership to the Health & Wellness Club
  • Does the program include 1:1 time with you?
    No, the Business Builder Mastermind is a group program and all the time we have together is within the group meetings, in the WhatsApp group, and in group networking events. If you'd like to book 1:1 sessions during the Mastermind to complement the program, a special rate pricing is available to you!
  • How will I know if you’re the right business coach for me?
    Every coach has a different approach. To have the best experience, I firmly believe that clients should choose a coach that best aligns with their values. My approach is rooted in an anti-hustle mentality with self-care first principles. Creating safe and validating spaces for self-exploration and growth is my biggest priority. Want to do more research? Follow me on Instagram for insight into my process and approach. You can also visit my About page for more information about my background and credentials. Curious about others' experiences working with me? Check out the Testimonials page!

Not sure what program is right for you?

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