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Now, I have a unique offer for you!

Is this you?

You are fierce and passionate about what you do, and you have unique gifts to share with the world.


You are a dreamer and a do-er, and you are ready to take action to achieve the results you are looking for.


You are tired of following Instagram tips and formulas that are not aligned with who you are.

You want to grow your business or advance your career while being authentic and true to your values.

You crave strategic guidance and to gain clarity to take your business or career to the next level.

The Power is in the Process

My coaching programs follow a powerful 3-step process that reprogram limiting beliefs and empower you through an aligned and achievable action plan.

01 Crystal Clarity

Gaining clarity is the first step towards helping you achieve your wildest dreams.


Together we’ll explore to gain an understanding of what your heart truly desires, knowing that nothing is out of reach.


Your vision clarifies the now and aligns you with the future you wish to create.

02 Growth Mindset

Getting out of our comfort zone is not easy—mindset work will help you get there. 


I am a Certified Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner. I have the tools available to work on the subconscious mind to create inner and outer change.


It is often our mindset that determines whether or not we achieve our goals. Remember: whether you think you can or cannot, you are right.

03 Inspired Action

With clarity and mindset taken care of, the next step is to take action and to be accountable for taking action. 


Working with a coach is proven to increase accountability and therefore bring forth your desired results sooner.


Small steps lead to big results! I support you in taking small actions each day to achieve your vision.

Through holistic coaching that bridges marketing and business strategy with mindset and emotional resilience, I support you in building the business or career you’ve always dreamed of. 

“Julia is an incredible business coach and person all-round. She has helped me make actionable changes within my business and it's honestly a 180 from what I was doing before and I'm seeing the results.


She gave me clear direction on what it is I need to do and the most important thing to me is, that it's clear and easy for me to understand and helps me prioritize as I tend to get overwhelmed with having too many tasks on my plate.


So much has changed already, I feel so positive and have an incredible amount of direction because of her. Can't thank you enough!”

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Nidhi Arya,
Inner QI Intuitive Reiki

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Private Business
Coaching Program

Tailored to your specific goals and needs, these private sessions are where you’ll disentangle outdated belief systems, build lasting emotional resilience, and experience powerful “a-ha!” moments so that you can reach your goals faster and in alignment with your passion and purpose.

Perfect for: Women who are ready to experience lasting transformations in their work and life and are prepared to invest the time, energy, and resources to get there. You crave a highly personalized, one-on-one environment with a trusted coach who becomes a partner in your success. Suitable for all levels of business and career.

Duration: 8x 90-minutes session

Frequency: 2-4x sessions per month 

Intake: Open year-round

Location: Online

Investment: Starting at $497/month + GST

Immersive Mentorship 

A potent deep-dive into a specific area of your business or career where you’d like to experience a targeted transformation. Like rapid-acting medicine, this immersive workshop works fast and deep. Get ready for eye-opening insights and quantum leaps.

Perfect for: Women who are on the cusp of a powerful breakthrough but feel stuck on a particular aspect of their business or career. They need a supportive push to help them experience the “YES!” moment they’ve been waiting for. Suitable for all levels of business and career.

Duration: 6 hours

Frequency: 1 Day

Intake: Open year-round

Location: In-person (Vancouver) or online

Investment: Starting at $1,250 + GST

1:1 business coach vancouver


Every coach has a different approach. To have the best experience, I firmly believe that clients should choose a coach that best aligns with their values. My approach is rooted in an anti-hustle mentality with self-care first principles. Creating safe and validating spaces for self-exploration and growth is my biggest priority.


Want to do more research? Follow me on Instagram for insight into my process and approach. You can also visit my About page for more information about my background and credentials. Curious about others' experiences working with me? Check out the Testimonials page!


Not sure what program is right for you?

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