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It's ok to slow down

I recently took a week off to visit Montreal - it's been so long since I took "real" vacation time - I didn't open my laptop not once! And my Instagram updates were 100% sharing my trip experience, and none of the business talk. It's been 3 years since I took a proper vacation and, girl, it felt so good! But when I got back to Vancouver, instead of feeling energized, I felt quite the opposite. I felt drained and had low energy. I thought maybe it was depression post-vacation. Then I realized I was about to get my period. Then I saw a lot of Instagram posts about the Full Moon in Pieces and Mercury Retrograde. I don't know what it is - maybe all of the above combined, but wow - it's been a lot to deal with. So I've been taking it easy and slow, respecting this moment and honouring myself - guilt-free. We don't need to be on the go-go-go all the time. Some days we will have more energy than others, and that's ok. On Friday I actually felt inspired to clean up my office, and it was super productive - I finally made some room by throwing out 2 boxes of old paperwork (including a lot of 20-year old college papers LOL) and also cleared up a big box of donation items that will soon be making its way to Salvation Army. So I haven't been creating Instagram posts or showing up on stories - I've been honouring my energy and doing what feels right - and that is pretty awesome. We need to remind ourselves that we own our agenda and that we can do whatever we want and need with our time. Whether you need more rest, more exercise, more introspection, more planning... make sure to pause and honours these moments. That's how we can live in full alignment in all areas of our lives. I hope this serves as a good reminder that you have permission to slow down. It's ok. Our energy will always fluctuate and these moments are just temporary. Soon enough the energy will flow again and you will be ready to crush your goals at 110%.

For now, I'll just continue giving what I have for the moment - and that's enough for today. I wish you an amazing week!

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