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3 Ways to Grow Your Email List Organically

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Want to grow your email list but don't know how? Here are three ways to do it without spending money with advertising.

1. Create a Free Challenge

What can you help your client achieve in 3-7 days? Package that as a daily challenge that will provide a transformation and measurable results within that timeframe. Users need to give their email in order to sign up (hello email list growth), and challenge prompts can happen by email or gated videos (think Private Facebook Groups, Private YouTube Videos sent by email, etc.).

2. Mini Virtual Class

Put together a webinar-style class where you can share some valuable information to your audience for free. Classes are usually one hour long and can include a live Q&A after. Users need to sig up with their email in order to watch the class. They will learn something new and valuable, build trust on your work, and be closer to you, all in which can also lead to future purchase. But for now, you got their email! Yay!

3. Give Away a Freebie

Create a free resource that will help your audience with a problem. How-to guides, list of hacks, list of tools, checklists, templates, case studies, etc. You offer the resource for free, in exchange for their email address.

Remember that, regardless of the strategy you use, you need a form for them to sign up in order to grow your email list ;) And also, don't forget to PROMOTE IT! Spread the word on your social channels, ask your audience to share with other people that may interest in that topic, use hashtags strategically, create a blog post to promote (as an SEO strategy), etc.

Do you need help to strategize your email list growth strategy? Contact me and book an express strategy call.

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