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Instagram for Business Bootcamp

A live four-week online class to get your Insta-muscles fit to attract new followers and convert them to customers


June 9/ 2021

Need some Insta-help?

If you are here, chances are you have a love and hate relationship with social media. You know social media is needed to grow your business, but you haven’t figured out a formula that works for you. YET. Because today, we are going to change that!

Learn how to build and grow your Instagram for Business using proven strategies. Through this program, you will also get access to templates and tools that will help you achieve your Insta-goals for your business. 

You will also get FREE resources with the course, including a social media planning template and a list of our favorite Instagram apps for you to use.


Picture This...


You are sitting on your sofa, planning your next post. You struggle to find a perfect picture, one that looks professional, that matches your colour scheme, that is perfect in every way. You settle for a picture you have available, but now it’s time to stress over the copy.

You know you need to be active on social, but you don’t have anything to say. You start writing for the sake of writing, it doesn’t sound genuine. Then you pour your heart out and share something very personal. Did it just get too vulnerable? You go with it.

What about hashtags? By now you are too tired and you just add whatever hashtags come to mind without being strategic about it. You click the button: share.

For the next few hours you will be checking your phone every couple of minutes to see if anyone left a comment, to see who liked your post, to track engagement in real-time.

And you know that on the next day you will go through this all over again. Sounds familiar?

Imagine a life where you don't need to stress over what you will post every single day and you see:

  • Your followers engage more with your posts, 

  • You organically attract new followers,

  • You are able to convert followers to customers, 

  • You can actually see that Instagram is not a waste of time for your business

Doors Close June 9/2021

How I can Help You

Struggling to build a perfectly curated feed, write the perfect copy, get the most engagement… Every. Single. Day. It sounds dreadful. No one wants to be in this place. And you don’t have to.

If you have worked with me in the past, you know I am all about hands-on work. That's why I created this Bootcamp-style program. I will work with you to give you actionable tasks so that you can apply what you learned and actually grow and advance your business. 

I will be your coach over the course of four weeks, and I will give you small bits of information and homework, little by little. All I ask is that you go through the program while working on your Insta-Growth so you can see the results coming.

What's Included

Here are a few things you will learn:

  • Where Instagram fits on your marketing funnel

  • How to setup your bio, highlights, feed… as a solid foundation

  • How to plan content your audience is actually interested in

  • How to grow engagement in your account

  • How to grow your number of followers organically

  • How to get sales from Instagram

  • How to use hashtags strategically

  • Tools to help you manage your instagram account

  • Template to plan your posts

  • And more!

+ Gain access to FREE bonuses, including:

  • Instagram content plan template

  • Hashtag planner

  • List of the best apps to help you manage your IG account

+ 4 FREE Bonus Classes with Guest Speakers

  • How to record awesome videos on a budget

  • Food photography for Instagram 101

  • Paid traffic

  • Reels Insider Tips


Doors Close June 9/2021

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