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Julia Falci | Marketing Strategist & Holistic Business Coach

Start and grow a
soul-aligned business


Hi, I'm Julia Falci!

Throughout my 12+ years corporate career as a Digital Marketer, I have worked with award-winning B2B, B2C, Agency, and Tech companies, building winning digital strategies.


Today, I work as a Holistic Business Coach supporting women solopreneurs to start and grow a profitable business while feeling aligned with their soul's purpose.

In my practice, I combine my marketing and business experience with holistic approaches. I'm a Mindset Coach, using neuroscience and NLP to work the mindset on a deeper level, and I incorporate other techniques into my practice as needed, including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and EFT/ Tapping.


A little bit more about me: I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Vancouver, BC in 2008. I love all things related to wellness and self-care. I am also a foodie and wine nerd and dedicate a portion of my time to studying and tasting wines. Oh, I'm also obsessed with dark chocolate ;)

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"Since I began my mentoring journey with Julia, my business has grown in ways I never expected. Through her guidance, we were able to boost our social media following by over 40%  and counting, as well as a 70% increase in B2C revenue. ."

Gabriela Bevilacqua
Maple Road |


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