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Client Testimonials
& Case Studies

"I don't have the words to express how grateful I am for Julia. Mindset has always been my biggest block, and her approach to marketing and strategy with a mindful approach was a game-changer. 


I feel empowered, validated and excited about the future". 

Michelle Carrington, Beauty Copywriter

Michelle Carrington is a copywriter and strategist who helps indie beauty brands put their best face forward through research-backed copy and content. Fed up with the 9-to-5 grind, she decided to dive into running her own business during the pandemic, but keeping a consistent cashflow and client roster proved to be a struggle..


Read the case study to learn how Michelle went from zero clients to fully-booked and is now booking clients three months in advance after completing the Business Builder Mastermind program!


"Working with Julia was one of the best decisions we ever made for our business.


Since I began my mentoring journey with Julia, my business has grown in ways I never expected. Through her guidance, we were able to boost our social media following by over 40% and counting, as well as a 70% increase in B2C revenue.​"

Gabriela Bevilacqua, MBA CPHR
Maple Road RH Consulting


“The biggest outcome for me is that the doubt and anxiety about the next client is gone. I no longer feel a pit in my stomach or heaviness in my throat about how I will make this happen…


I know this for a fact: Julia saved me months of research and failure and likely thousands of dollars by being my mentor."

Rubi Samano, Digital Marketer
Studio Chitchat

Rubi Samano is the founder of Studio Chitchat, a digital marketing studio that provides go-to marketing architecture and communications for small to mid-sized companies and startups in the health and wellness, lifestyle, and beauty industries.

Read the case study to learn how Rubi built her business from the ground up had her first $10k month while in the coaching program!


"Julia is an incredible business coach and person all-around. She helped me make actionable changes within my business and it's honestly a 180 from what I was doing before and I'm seeing the results.


She gave me clear direction with what it is I need to do and the most important thing to me is, that it's clear and easy for me to understand and helps me prioritize as I tend to get overwhelmed with having too many tasks on my plate.


So much has changed already, I feel so positive and have an incredible amount of direction because of her!"

Nidhi Arya, Reiki Master & Sound Healer
Inner QI Intuitive Reiki

Victoria Cowan.jpeg

Julia provides the perfect balance of head and heart, strategy and compassion. It’s so important to have a support system when you’re running a business—especially as women—and Julia is such a great guide in this respect. I highly recommend her services.

Victoria Cowan, Copywriter
Wordplay Creative

Julia helped me design marketing strategies and seek alternatives to improve technology on my business allowing me to increase my capacity and better serve my clients.


She went above and beyond to help all her mentees in the group, and I am so thankful for the experience I had and the friendships that we created.

Gabriela Linck, Certified Health Coach
Pretty & Proud Academy

Julia was the starting point for my business. She validated my initial idea and helped me to bring my dream job to real life.


My business was fully structured during her Mastermind program. And after few adjustments it was ready to be launched. Meeting Julia was one of the best things that happened for my business and for me!

Carina Nose, Community Builder
Instituto Niño 

Working with Julia was inspiring. She helped me believe that I sure can start my business and offer my services to people who can benefit from it.

I love the community Julia is creating & strongly recommend her coaching program to whoever has a dream to help and change the world for the better.

Paula Bucharles,
Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor & Founder at InsightfullEat

Lais ccmedia 3.jpeg

I did the Mastermind program, and it was great for business growth. Julia gave me incredible ideas for marketing, bookkeeping, and logistics. She helped me to make my life more productive without the stress.

Laís Costa, Videographer

Cracked Compass Media

amanda canata.jpeg

Julia will do her best to make sure you succeed at your business. Very knowledgeable and constantly investing on herself to learn more and give the best to her clients. She shares all the tricks and tips and will educate you on how to achieve your goal successfully. I’m grateful for her help and I highly recommend her services.

Amanda Cannata, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master

Julia guides us while allowing us to co-create our reality. She always brings creative and relevant ideas. The Mastermind meetings are always filled with learning and the group connection allows us to grow together.

Clara Marreiros,

Doula & Hypnobirth


Julia is an excellent professional, she is always ready to help you with your business and she has a lot of knowledge in her file of expertise. I highly recommend Julia's services.

Andrea Brunno,


Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 6.15.59 PM.png

During our sessions, I developed a clearer vision around marketing my business and how to bring a message that resonates with what I believe in.

Monica Queiroz

Counsellor & Reiki

Soulfree Therapies


Joining the Mastermind program was one of the best decisions I made. All the objectives I wrote in the beginning of the year became a reality!

Cassia Ribeiro

Gimme Coxinhas Catering


We all started the Mastermind program a little lost, but Julia guided us with patience, care, and strategy so the we could find the right direction to grow our business. 

Nina Gomes

Image Consultant


We all started the Mastermind program a little lost, but Julia guided us with patience, care, and strategy so the we could find the right direction to grow our business. 

Swanie Passos

Women's Health



The Mastermind program brought me more knowledge around the online world. It  gave me more clarity, and motivation and it made me more accountable with my business and my professional project. All while meeting incredible women!

Anna Bell

Counsellor, MA, RCC

Julia was spot on with our launch strategy. We sold out our program on the spot - it was thrilling! This never happened before!

Caroline de Moraes

Registered Counsellor & Eneagram Specialist


I loved our session - it made so much sense! Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with me. It made all the difference.

Isabel Arruda

Life Coach & Writer

Milene Mafra 2.jpeg

One of the best decisions I made this year was to join Julia's Mastermind program. My transformation started right at the first session and it continues to happen every day as we continue the program. Baking Moments can be divided as BEFORE and AFTER Julia's Mastermind. 

Milena Mafra, Cake Artist

Baking Moments


I started the Mastermind program with a vague idea of where I wanted to go with my business, and I left knowing exactly the direction to go and how to get there.

Rita Bahu-Correa

Portal Delaz


Marketing professionals are usually loud and sensationalist, but Julia brings a different perspective and gives us autonomy to choose a way to promote our business in a way that is aligned with what we believe in. 

Amanda Barcellos

Yoga Instructor, Reiki & Ayurveda Practitioner 

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