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Case Study

Rubi Samano, Digital Marketer &
Founder at Studio Chitchat

Rubi Samano is the founder of Studio Chitchat, a digital marketing business that provides go-to marketing architecture and communications for small to mid-sized companies and startups in the health and wellness, lifestyle, and beauty industries.

Rubi always knew she wanted to make an impact. She craved greater freedom and flexibility, and she was eager to build something she could call her own. In 2020, she decided to go all-in, take a leap of faith, and quit her cushy government job to launch a business and work on it full-time.


Here's what happened next...

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“I wanted so many things but they didn’t feel possible because I felt stuck in a loop of hard work but no results.”

~Rubi Samano

The first business attempt

Back in 2020, Rubi invested thousands of dollars on a course designed to help marketing agencies scale. Although the course was packed with good information, she felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content, which ultimately didn’t feel practical for her particular stage of business. She couldn’t apply the steps, and it felt like a waste of money. 


She also had a hard time relating to the masculine attitude and delivery of the program, and often found herself staying quiet instead of asking questions. It was at that point that she knew she wanted to experience a more collaborative environment with other female business owners where “you could bounce ideas off each other, process information, and work through the material together.” 

Ultimately, this first business endeavor failed. Rubi didn’t have any money saved prior to leaving her job, nor did she have a clear plan for success. Even though she was doing a lot of all the right things—networking, seeking mentorship, taking courses, etc.—she struggled to make money and couldn’t sustain her business. She decided to go back to her 9 to 5. 


Two years later, Rubi was ready to give it another try, but she knew she would need to do things differently if she wanted to succeed this time…

During Mastermind: Shifts & Transformations

Rubi joined the Business Builder Mastermind in August 2022 to build a stronger foundation for her business this time around. She immediately appreciated the sense of community created by the program: “I had that nervous ‘first day of school’ feeling, but fortunately everyone was so lovely…It felt really easy to make friends with the other members.” 


As the program continued, Rubi began to shed old fear-based mindsets around her business, which helped her make better decisions.


Rubi also found that the curriculum encouraged her to get clear on her goals and become more intentional about achieving them. One of her main goals was becoming more organized with the administrative aspects of her business, and she loved that the coursework provided practical and easily applicable tips for how to do so. Each lesson built on the week prior, and the pace felt manageable.


The monthly guest sessions with experts included in the program were also a favorite, which covered topics around productivity and self-care.


“So many people feel guilty for needing to rest, which is normalized in our society. People glamourize the hustle. This lesson made me more conscious of needing to take care of myself in order to grow.”


 “I used to be afraid to invest in my business when I knew that I could afford to do so; it felt safer not to spend money. Eventually I realized that I needed to invest in the business to grow it more… The program helped me feel confident in hiring people to help me with aspects of my business that I didn't love as much, which has been a huge weight off my shoulders. I wish I’d done this sooner.” 

~Rubi Samano


After Mastermind:
Embodying her Highest Self!

Before Rubi joined the Mastermind, her goal was to make $3,000 per month on retainer as a side hustle, and eventually, reach $6,000 per month full-time. The mindset work during the Mastermind has been huge for Rubi. She recognized where she was putting limits on her vision due to fear, and when she needed to summon the courage to take imperfect action instead of getting stuck in perfect inaction.


Because of the level of intention she brought to the program—including showing up for nearly every session and really applying what she was learning—her business has been steadily increasing. She reached her first $10k month while in the program, and is well on her way to beating, her corporate income!


Hiring support was an important part of the process for Rubi, and she brought on a Virtual Assistant to help her with the areas she’s less strong in. She has also been putting herself out there more and working her networking muscle, which was something that intimidated her in the past. 


Tangible Results

The main transformations that Rubi experienced still during the program include:

  • She signed 3 new clients (averaging 1 new client per month)

  • She secured a multi-thousand dollar contract on retainer!

  • She is no longer afraid of hiring and investing back in the business, which helps her make more money in the long-term

  • She has an increased sense of worthiness, curbed impostor syndrome, and increased her rates

  • She started feeling more comfortable saying "no" to prospects that are not aligned with her vision

  • She learned new sales techniques to close more deals!

  • She had her first $10k/ month while in the program and is on the way to beating her corporate income!

Final Takeaways

The program encouraged Rubi to make changes in other areas of her life, too. She started going to therapy, working with a personal trainer and nutritionist to step into the higher version of herself. She leads with greater curiosity in other areas of her life, asks more questions, and doesn’t take things at face value anymore. Even though the process “wasn’t always pretty,” she isn’t so scared of life anymore, and she feels like she can actually enjoy the journey.

“The biggest outcome for me is that the doubt and anxiety about the next client is gone. I no longer feel a pit in my stomach or heaviness in my throat about how I will make this happen…

I have loved the journey and process so far and not worrying about my dream’s ability to become real has been the biggest win".


About the Business Builder Mastermind program, here's what Rubi has to say:


"I feel confident about my systems which Julia gives amazing guidance on and I can always refer back to the recordings to pick up another golden nugget or text the beautiful community in WhatsApp. 

The program provided a supportive space that I looked forward to attending every week, it was dedicated time for my business that I know I wouldn't have made otherwise as I tend to put others first. 


I know this for a fact: Julia saved me months of research and failure and likely thousands of dollars by being my mentor. She knows her sh!t.


Trust yourself above all and leave fear at the door. Then, watch the magic unfold!"


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

 If you’re ready to gain clarity, strengthen your mindset, and take inspired action towards building the life of your dreams, get in touch today!

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