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5 Strategies to Grow a New Business

Updated: Apr 19

The first few years of a business are the most critical - no wonder the majority of new businesses close within 1-3 years. So what can you do to start right and to protect yourself?

If the answer was simple, the number of organizations out of business wouldn't be so alarming, but here are some simple and practical strategies to get you started:

💫 Surround yourself with like-minded people: spend less time with people who bring you down or don't believe in you and your business, and surround yourself with like-minded people, other business owners, and people who have achieved the success you are looking to achieve. This will help you build a strong mindset to go after your goals.

💫 Find a mentor: Why start from scratch when other people have already been there/ done that and can help you achieve your results faster (and with fewer bumps in the road)? A mentor can support you grow faster in your journey and give you inside secrets that will be crucial to your success.

💫 Invest in tools: while I believe in having a lean approach to business, especially in the first few years, investing in technology to improve your processes and automate tasks will be crucial to allow you to save precious time, while also providing a much better and more professional experience to your clients.

💫 Build a strong online presence: Most businesses start off by getting referrals, but in order to scale and grow, you must acquire clients from different channels, and not only from referrals. “Don’t put all the eggs in one basket” - as they say. Building a strong online presence can help you with that, while also building authority and credibility to attract and close new business.

💫 Join my Business Builder Mastermind! You can tackle all four items above in one strike when joining my Mastermind! You will get to join a community of like-minded women solopreneurs, get mentorship from a Business Coach with over 12 years of marketing and leadership experience, and learn how to build a strong foundation for your business, including technology and marketing strategies to help you scale faster! Fill out the application form to learn more about it!

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