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How does the Business Coaching process work?

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, especially for small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs. You operate in isolation, without expert advice, feedback, or simply someone to bounce off ideas of. This isolation, in conjunction with the challenges of starting and growing a business, are the recipe for an emotional rollercoaster. That's when a Business Coach can help.

Business coaches are seasoned professionals who enable startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders with expert skills to support business growth and scalability that can be a catalyst for growth. They can also help with KPIs that drive accountability, real results, and business success.

What to expect from a Business Coaching session?

Business coaching is a process in which a professional coach guides a businessperson in the pursuit of their goals and objectives.

In my practice, I start my programs with a Goal Setting session and an Action Plan session that will support in the process of achieving those goals. Together, we will uncover the gap between where you are today and where you want to be and create a solid and strategic roadmap to get there.

The subsequent sessions are often based on the client's personal demands, and can vary from client to client. This subsequent sessions can be focused on a number of things, such as:

  • Gaining clarity to make important decisions

  • Overcoming challenges and barriers that may appear

  • Dealing with negative emotions that may appear (such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, and others)

The session itself is much like a therapy session. It is conversational and the Coach will lead the session considering the needs of the client. If the Coach finds that some unique tool or technique could be beneficial, the Coach will suggest that to client as an option, which can be accepted or declined as per the client's wishes.

What are the different types of Coaches?

Coaches can have different specializations, based on their experience, skills, and certifications. Since Coaching is not a regulated profession, you may find any type of naming convention for Coaches, such as Life Coach, Business Coach, Mindset Coach, Holistic Coach, Relationship Coach, Financial Coach, and the list goes on.

Business Coaches will work more specifically with Business matters and will have more experience in this field - however, be aware - with the growth of Coaching as a modality, there are many Business Coaches with little real-life experience in business itself - other than running their own coaching business! Do the research and find out if the coach you are looking to hire has the skills and background you are looking for to support you grow your business.

What is a Holistic Business Coach?

Now I will talk about my approach to coaching. When I started Coaching, in 2019, as a side-hustle, my focus was heavily towards Marketing & Business, which is my core corporate experience. I have over 12+ years of experience working as a Marketing Strategist, having worked with award-winning companies, including a PROFIT500 recipient. I have the depth of knowledge and experience needed to support business owners to grow a sustainable and scalable business.

But I always brought in an aspect of self-care into my practice: having suffered burnout and anxiety before, when building my first business in 2017, I learned some important lessons around the hustle culture we live in, which shaped my approach to coaching.

As my business evolved, I started looking for new techniques and approaches to support my clients, and I ended up diving deep into the world of neuroscience and spirituality. That's how I added the "Holistic" in front of Business Coach.

The Holistic part speaks to unique modalities that I bring to my practice that ensure the emotional side of the equation is equally taken care of. I am a Certified Mindset Coach, using neuroscience-based techniques to work on the mindset at a deeper level. I'm also a practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ Tapping), Neuro Energetic Encoding, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Thetahealing.

Through my holistic approach, I bridge strategy, mindset, and emotional resilience.

Benefits of working with a Business Coach

  • Sometimes having an outsider's perspective is just what a leader needs to unlock new personal and company potential.

  • Allows a safe space for vulnerability and growth.

  • A business coach can give corporate executives and business owners a high level of accountability, which leads to action and results.

  • With the right coach, you can expect exponential growth both personally and professionally.

Ready to start and scale your business?

Whether you are ready to start working with a Business Coach, or you still have more questions about how it works - I am available to support you! You can contact me to book a free call where I can explain more about my practice while also learning more from your business and your goals.

My focus is in working with women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs running small businesses, especially in creative fields, health and wellness, and food and beverage industries. You can read testimonials from previous clients here.

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