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Making decisions and being my highest self

Updated: Apr 19

I was having brain fog the other day and I knew I had to step away from work. I wanted to go shopping, grab a creamy cappuccino, or have a decadent gelato. I wanted to treat myself (I love to treat myself). But going to the mall, having caffeine, or eating sugar doesn't seem like the right response to cure my brain fog.

Instead, I took my dog Luna for a walk in the park. I connected with nature, exercised, came back home to clean the kitchen and had a cup of tea. Well, yes - that's not as fun but it would serve me much better. And so I did it.

Since I finished my Mindset Coaching Certification, I’ve been doing little shifts like this, which have been a huge source of power for me. The main goal is to embody my highest-self, raise my energy, and attract the results that I long for.

In fact, this has been so powerful that since I started implementing mindset work in my coaching, my clients have been getting mind-blowing results. Like, going from zero clients to fully booked or having their first $10k month while still in the coaching container.

I Googled "highest self" to share the most accurate definition with you, but it turns out, there's not an accurate definition. Many religions use this word in different ways, and you can attribute different meanings to it. To me, in a simplistic way, my highest self means the best version of myself.

I think about my Vision Board, and the person I am when I achieve all the beautiful goals that I put together in a college. Who is that version of Julia? What does she do when she wakes up? What does she eat? Who does she hang out with? How does she spend her day?

The thing is - I don't need to wait to acquire things, to go on trips, to live in a bigger house, in order to be that person. I can be that person today. I can make the decisions that she would make, today. So when I have a decision to make, I think: what would my highest self do? And then I do it. It's quick and it's painless. And the little story about how I went about my brain fog the other day is an example of how that looks when I put it into practice.

The big thing is: by BEING that person, I start behaving and taking ACTIONS that are congruent with the GOALS I want to achieve. And this, my friend, is where the magic happens.

We were taught to think about what we want to have first, and then take the actions to get there, without realizing that to take the actions, we first need to work on who we are, what we think, how we feel.This is what's going to allow us to take congruent actions to achieve our goals. I am > I do > I have.

See, one big mistake people make is focusing too much on what they want to HAVE. Most people follow the formula I have > I do > I am. They focus on the money, the house, the body, the relationships… But without BEING that person today, it will be very difficult to achieve everything you have set for yourself.

Applying this has not only helped me make better decisions on my day to day but also gives me an incredible amount of confidence and trust in what I'm doing while decreasing the anxiety around achieving my goals. I live as if I have already achieved them. I trust that everything is happening as it should. And this is liberating.

If you need support to shift your internal programmes and build a mindset that is congruent to the life you want to live, then NLP Coaching may be a great resource for you. You can book a free 30 minute call with me here to learn how that works and what to expect.

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