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Why your marketing strategy is failing you

In today's world, we can easily find information and free content for virtually anything. With that, we follow multiple experts, attend many events, watch webinars, and try to learn all the things from all the people in order to grow our business.

The problem with this information overload and getting most of your knowledge from free online content is that you don't get anyone's full strategy, but just a piece of it (just the tip of the iceberg).

When you get little bits of strategy from multiple experts, you end up with a Frankenstein marketing strategy - the pieces don't fit perfectly together and you may not get the results you were hoping to get.

You may also find conflicting information from experts that you follow, which can be confusing and overwhelming when trying to decide what to apply to your business.

That's not because some of the strategies you followed were flawed, but because you just learned one piece of it, and didn't get the whole picture, the full iceberg.

There are multiple ways of doing things and multiple strategies that can work, but you need to know the whole process.

That's why diving deeper into one process, in full, will give you more benefits. You get to learn the entire methodology behind the strategy to build something cohesive, and not a Frankenstein.

Free content will only take you so far.

If you see yourself in this place of confusion and overwhelm, I invite you to rethink how you've been doing things and consider:

✨ Be selective with the experts that you follow, so you don't get overwhelmed by conflicting information.

✨ Invest in a full program with an expert that you admire and who shares your values.

✨ Stop trying to copy other people's strategies - you don't know what's on the back end and you will miss out on crucial information that led to their success.

Shout out to my client @_rubisamano from @studiochitchat for the iceberg picture she shared in one of my expert classes and illustrates this concept so well!

If you need a personalized marketing strategy for your business - I can help you get there with either my 1:1 Business Coaching container or a VIP day - where we can put our heads down and make magic happen for your business! Contact me to learn more.

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